HubSpot integrations

The Swiss solution for outstanding HubSpot integrations

The ChiliDataHub® offers companies the opportunity to approach digital transformation professionally and to network different business software systems via a standardized platform. With our ChiliDataHub®, there are virtually no restrictions on data formats and your data is securely hosted in the Swiss Azure Cloud. We offer:

Integrate any third-party system

The ChiliDataHub® can connect any external system via all common technologies like REST, SOAP, XML, FTP and many more.

Enhancement of your HubSpot data with your sales and ERP-data

The interaction of Marketing & Sales starts with continuous data flows between your business software systems.

The reduction of data breaks, the merging of customer data as well as the automation of individual process steps increase transparency, flexibility and speed in Marketing & Sales.

Flexibility and restore of your business data

When you use the ChiliDataHub® you have a backup of your business data ready at any time - This way you can replace an obsolete system and introduce a new software without the loss of process or data.

Keep your data live and up-to-date

We synchronize your data based on the last-modified-date, so you have always and purely the latest data in your HubSpot account.